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Creative Expression

I belive great ideas can come from anywhere at anytime so I carry a sketchbook with me everywhere I go. This gallery is full of examples of my illustrations, mixed media pieces, watercolors, and sketchbook pages. The design work that I do is supported and informed by all the time I spend with pen to paper drawing and dreaming. I have continued taking art classes and experimenting with different techniques of creating because I not only enjoy the creative outlet I believe it pushes me to grow and develop my artistic eye.
Mixed Media


Over the past two years I have been exhibiting my mixed media pieces in group shows and gallaries all over Indianapolis. I am working on a new series of illustrative naritive pieces in hopes to have a solo exhibition.

30/30/30 The Art of Tori Weyers

Challenge is part of every artists life. It's a challenge to maintain a clear creative vision. It's a challenge to hold true to that vision as the creative process unfolds. It's a challenge to find time to create. I took on all of these challenges in my 30/30/30 project. I pushed myself to let go of my notions of creating "perfect" artwork and released myself of the weight of believeing there was never enough time. I wanted to simply create; every day for thirty days, spending only 30 minutes each day. This is a sample of the work I created. I then exhibited the entire series and self published a book of the experience.

Sketchbooks & Art Journals

I always have my sketchbook and a set of Copic multilines with me. You never know when inspiration will strike. I use my sketchbooks and art journals for exploration, design and campaign planning and to caputure life and moments that I dont want to forget. 

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